While a host of programs are available to be tailored to your company's industry and trade show, here are summaries of the most commonly utilized presentations:

Aisle Presentation

The Aisle Presentation is designed to draw convention goers to the booth by enacting programs directly into the convention aisle. The presenter draws the attendees towards your booth, and weaves your company's messaging into an interactive experience for the attendees. By engaging group of passers-by on both intellectual and entertaining levels, we are able to efficiently generate contacts and leads for your company.

Duration and frequency of these presentations vary depending on the industry and the particular show.

Theater Style

For companies that have larger booth space, the Theater Style program offers a unique convention experience for your future clients. By bringing attendees into a specifically designed space equipped with a platform and chairs, we not only capture valuable information for leads and future clients; but we present your company's products and services in a memorable fashion and create a distinct presence at the show for maximum proliferation of your message.